What are T.R.U.E. Courses?

The Rise Up Effect Courses, or T.R.U.E. Courses for short, are intended to create the effect of girls rising up in their identities in Christ, knowing His love, their strength and purpose in Him. They are written with girls aged 11-18 in mind.

Our first course focused on strength is available in our shop, and we have planned to write more!

These courses will provide teaching and encouragement year-round. Girls can go through these courses as an individual at their own pace, or they can study them together as part of a small group.

How can you get the most out of T.R.U.E. Courses?

  1. Invite 2 or 3 friends that you can be honest and vulnerable with to form a study group with you. This is your TRUE Sisterhood group!
  2. If your friends don’t know about TRUE Daughters, explain why you participate, and direct them to our online shop to purchase their course copies.
  3. Decide together what day you will start reading and when & where you will have your first meeting.
  4. The course has a reading for each day, intended to be read Monday – Friday with breaks from reading on the weekends.
  5. Complete each day’s reading and exercises on your own, recording your answers right in the course or another notebook.
  6. Then meet weekly to discuss that week’s readings!

We would love to see girls getting together everywhere to do these courses!

T.R.U.E. Courses could also be utilized by youth group leaders, homeschool groups, organizational clubs, or any person that wants to equip young ladies with live giving truth!

Ready to lead a T.R.U.E. Course with a group?

Be sure to register your group below and we will give you access to our Leader Resources page!

We feel these resources will help you lead your group and give you deeper insight into some the of meatier lessons. We want to know you are out there so we can pray for you and support you!