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Thank you, technology!

We’re not letting this ‘social distance’ stop us from gathering!

Here’s how to join in the bible study fun:

  1. Secure your spot, it will take less than 25 seconds. 
  2. Spot securing closes on Friday, 5/15, at 12 noon EST.  So don’t wait, just do it now.
  3. Monday morning (5/18) your bible study PDF will be in your inbox/spam folder 😉 
  4. The email will also include your group’s meeting time and Zoom link. (groups will be organized by age)
    • Do you have friends from camp, sisterhood nights, neighborhood, sport, school, or church that you would like to be in a group with?  Register early and make sure you have requested them.

The study will consists of:

  • Short daily reading out of Acts from the NLT
  • Fun facts about the day’s scripture 
  • A few reflection questions 
  • Each week you will have 4 days of content and on Friday we will meet in your group.


To keep accountability high, participation in the weekly Zoom meeting is required to receive the following weeks study.


The best way to stay connected on details and announcements is through our social media (all linked below)!Click the button below to secure your spot!


We can’t wait to see you!



We are so glad you’re interested in leading a Bible study group!

If you are a mom or youth leader who wants to use our online Bible study with your own girls:

  1. We would love for you to join us!
  2. You can sign up by clicking the button below to get all reading materials and videos sent to you via email.
  3. You will be able to use our Bible study with your group of girls at whatever date/time that works best for your group (you do not have to follow our specific reading schedule).

If you are a woman over the age of 18 who is passionate about mentoring young girls:

  1. We would love for you to join us!
  2. You can sign up for our leadership training by clicking the button below – this training will help to prepare you for leading one of our online Bible study groups
  3. You will receive all details about the leadership training via email after signing up

The best way to stay connected on details or ask questions is through our social media!

**Session 2 of our Online Bible Study is coming up on Monday, May 18th. We will be going through the book of Acts, and you don’t want to miss it! Sign up will open in the next few weeks**

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