Our world and our hearts are in so much need of His love. We’ve always needed His love, but this year’s challenges make us so aware of our need for a love that’s REAL. And, with so many mixed messages on what “love” even is, it’s so important we’re tuned in to the unfailing love of God.

Our human hearts crave love. We want to be seen, heard, and feel like we matter. This is totally normal. We’re created for love.

When we don’t know the BEST love found in Jesus, we fill our hearts with empty love. We frantically search and put importance on all of the things that can’t and won’t fill our hearts with the type of love that gives us life. This life-giving love is only found in Jesus.

No matter who may follow you, the clothes you wear, the amount of “likes” on your posts, or how much money you have, your heart will never be filled without Jesus’ love and you’ll struggle with your identity.

His love is not temporary. His love truly is the GREATEST love. Maybe you haven’t had the greatest experiences when it comes to love. We pray that over the next few days, you will have the courage to open up your hearts and allow yourself to encounter God’s love in a fresh and new way.

Every fear, heartache, joy, and dream, He wants to hear about it from you. Yes, He already knows it (I mean, He is God), but relationships require time with each other. It’s hard for us to fathom, but it’s true – the God of the WHOLE UNIVERSE wants to meet and speak with YOU. He’s always speaking, but sometimes we need to intentionally focus in order to hear Him more clearly.


It’s with this thought that we dive into the next 3 days together. We’re calling this content “heart prep”, because sometimes we can get so distracted and filled with anxiety or even loneliness, that we need time for our hearts to be softened in order to receive the goodness that’s ahead

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