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Holding a blank journal makes us giddy with excitement and anticipation, in a years time what stories and experiences will these pages hold?!

We love making time to record our thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals. It not only to helps us process the moments we’re in the middle of, but also helps us look back and see more clearly the miracles God accomplished and the difficulties He walked us through.  

Personalize Your Journal

Write about your day, the conversations you had, the unexpected moments that brought surprise and delight, the hard situations that need processing. Record prayers for yourself and others. Keep a log of the details that stir gratitude. Use your favorite colored pens and highlighters. Add tabs for easy access to verses and beautify accomplished goals. Be uniquely you as you record daily life.

Inspiring Verses and Truth

Scripture comes built-in on the pages, carefully selected to regularly remind you of the strength we have in Christ. 

Collect Them All

TRUE Daughters has four pillars: love, identity, strength, and purpose. Each year, a new journal with that years theme will be released at Camp over Labor Day weekend.. Be sure to collect them all. Together, layer upon layer, we will build a strong foundation, leaning into the truth His love, identity, strength and purpose for you.

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