Share your story!

We’re looking for writers to contribute to our upcoming courses! We want to use real stories from both teenage and adult women that will help us illustrate the core foundations we teach – love, identity, strength and purpose.

For example, tell us a story of how God used a situation in your life:

– to show you how complete and unwavering God’s love is for you,
– to reveal or remind you of your identity in Christ,
– to provide you the strength to get through a situation or obey Him,
– to reveal something about your purpose or calling in life as it relates to God’s Kingdom

If you are an adult woman, remember that you are writing to an audience of girls in Middle school and High school, so it would best if you have a story from that specific time in your life.

Before submitting make sure you agree to these requirements:

  • We do not need to publish your real name, but it does need to be a real story
  • By submitting a story, you assign TRUE Daughters the right to reproduce and publish your story for no monetary compensation
  • We reserve the right to determine if and when the story will be used in a TRUE Daughters publication or blog
  • By submitting a story, you understand that we may edit your writing as needed to correct grammatical mistakes, shorten the story, or change names in order to protect identities